Customizable Thought Bubble Decals for the Wall

Dry Erase Thought Bubbles – A Visual Aid for Good Ideas!

Perfect Idea for the Creative Mind or the Bossy Mom!

Love this idea. Can you imagine these in your kitchen with each thought bubble used to leave notes for family members! Could annoy the kids, though!.Even if the notes say ‘I love you’ – you know how kids are…’mawwwm’ don’t write that on the wall my friends will see it! hmmm…more the reason to do it.

How About Using These in An Office for An Idea Wall

Dry erase thought bubbles are perfect to use as a visual aid when you’re trying to develop new ideas. Nowadays, most things are done electronically; we put notes on our laptop, or we enter them on our phone. Thought bubbles are a fabulous way to bring it back to writing ideas to encourage them via visual aids. Sure, you could use a chalkboard or a plain whiteboard, but the decorative and artsy vibe that large dry erase thought bubbles give off is ten times the fun. Also, short, sweet ideas could be quickly jotted down when they come to you.

Put them in areas where you need to distinguish and identify items as labels. If you have a space for kids to put their things, use these as labels for each of them. Also, try them in a playroom so the kids can express their creative side. You could fill a wall with these at child height level and let them write and draw on them.

Customizable Thought Bubble Decals by JadeDecalsCustomizable Thought Bubble Decals by JadeDecalsChalkboard Thought Bubbles by DanaDecalsChalkboard Thought Bubbles by DanaDecalsDry Erase Speech Bubble by LighthouseDecalsDry Erase Speech Bubble by LighthouseDecalsSet of 4 Chalkboard Thought Bubbles bySet of 4 Chalkboard Thought Bubbles by StephenEdwardGraphic

Have fun jotting down your thoughts on bubbles, and you never know, maybe that one scribbled idea will trigger the giant breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

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  1. You always feature great fun ideas! I love this one too. I need something like this to help me remember all the different things I need to do in a day.


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