Dog Washing Stations and Why They're a Good Idea

Dog Washing Stations for the Home and Why They’re a Good Idea

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It’s not all that common to find a dog washing station in a home. That alone makes it an excellent idea. If you’re considering a dog washing station, here are four good reasons to go ahead with it.

1. A Dog Washing Station is an Added Perk When You Want to Sell Your Home

Don’t worry if potential buyers do not have a dog. A dog washing station can serve multiple purposes. Whether it’s washing bulky household items or a place to wash the kid’s dirty toe-toes, there’s always a use for a mini-shower. Ample space isn’t required to accommodate this perk. Notice the dog washing station featured below is designed to fit into a relatively tight area. If you can forego a laundry tub, place your dog washing station where the laundry tub would have been located.


2. Tackle Messy Paws and Feet Before they Track Through the House

Doggie paws and kiddie feet can get especially dirty during spring and fall. Strategically position your dog washing station, so there’s no need to track through the house before the clean-up takes place. The convenience of this station will pay for itself by reducing the mess-stress alone! It also makes a beautiful addition to a laundry room or mud-room entrance.


3. Reduce Visits to the Groomer

If you possess some basic dog grooming skills, you’ll be able to tackle doggie-beauty-time conveniently and on your schedule. A raised doggie wash is a good idea if you plan to groom in a more detailed fashion. Fewer visits to the groomer can save you a bit of money and, best of all, take away the trauma that often comes with dropping your fur baby off for an hour or more.


4. Give Your Fur Baby Their Own Area

Dog lovers understand why doing this brings joy! We love to spoil our pets by giving them their unique spaces, toys, and goodies. If you’re planning a dog washing area and have extra resources and space, designate an entire area to accommodate all of their needs: A place for a bath, to eat, for their water dish, for their toys, and a bed. Best of all, when you have to go out, this designated space makes an excellent area for them to await your return.

In Summary

Each of these points is a valid reason to add a dog washing area to your home; however, one of them stands out above the rest, and that’s number one; it gives your home added value. Whether you’re planning to sell or not, it’s a unique investment that can give you the edge over your competition. Dog washing stations aren’t standard in homes, so it’s sure to make an impression. Most of all, you’ll tug at the heartstring of dog lovers.

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6 thoughts on “Dog Washing Stations for the Home and Why They’re a Good Idea”

  1. I hadn’t heard of a dog washing station before, but if I still had our Great Dane it would have been a godsend. Holding her still in a standing position while wiping the mud off her paws when it rained was a two-person job, and there wasn’t always someone home to help me. Thanks for the great review!

  2. This is such a great idea and it could be used for other things besides washing dogs. How about those giant pans that will not fit in your sink? Also perfect for cleaning out large aquariums or small animal habitats! There are so many uses for this area, no home should be without one!

  3. I have a friend who needs to wash off her dog’s paws every time she comes in from the back yard during muddy Spring rains and winter snows. A mudroom type dog washing station would be perfect.

    • Oh I completely understand! Spring and winter can be brutal when we have to walk our fur babies – now we only have my son visiting with his gorgeous hound but wowza I’d love the dog washing station when he does!


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