How do I decorate the Wealth Corner of my Home

How Should I Decorate the Wealth Corner of My Home?💰💸

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Yes, According to the Practice of Feng Shui, Your Home Has a Wealth/Abundance Corner

Your property, your home, and each room have money corners.

If you’re unfamiliar with the basic principles of Feng Shui, you can read here for simple clarification.

To attract the energy of wealth/abundance into your home, you’ll first have to determine where the wealth corner is for the house itself or use one particular room.

There are two ways to determine your wealth corner: Classical Feng Shui or Western Feng Shui. We’ll keep it simple and use Western Feng Shui.

Determine the Location of the Wealth Corner:

  • Using the Feng Shui Bagua Map, stand at the door of the room you’d like to create a wealth corner in
  • You’ll notice that the wealth corner is on the top left of the map
  • If you’d like to determine the wealth corner for your overall home, stand at the front door holding the Bagua Map; the far top left corner of your home is your home’s wealth corner
  • Don’t worry if that spot for your home is a washroom, laundry room, or some other non-main room, as you can still enhance the space with Feng Shui Wealth Abundance items.
  • As you’ll notice on the Feng Shui Bagua Map, the best element to feature is Wood, and the better color choices are purple, green, gold, red, and blue.

Here are Items You Can Use to Feature in Your Room or Overall Home’s Wealth/Abundance Area:

Wood Frames – Wood Dresser – Water Feature

Since the element is Wood, depending upon your decor theme, you could add a wood-framed photo in the corner featuring a wealth-related print, such as a holiday on a beach or a luxurious ship, so long as the water feature is clean. Better yet, for your bedroom’s wealth corner, you could display the photo above a dresser and include a water feature, such as a tabletop waterfall. Note there is a school of thought that you shouldn’t have water-related items in a bedroom, but some say it’s ok; ultimately, it’s up to you.

Plants – Mirrors

You can feature Feng Shui Plants such as Bamboo, a Money Tree, or a Fern in that corner. You could also choose to include a mirror. However, it’s better not to put plants or mirrors in a bedroom. Don’t worry; some people don’t believe that’s a genuine concern and do it anyway. It’s up to you. You can read more about the thoughts on a mirror in the bedroom here.

Rectangular Shapes – Crystals

You could include the Shape Element for the Wealth/Abundance Corner, ‘Rectangular.’ Again, perhaps a pretty wooden rectangular accessory that holds Citrine or Pyrite Crystals. If the crystals are large enough, you could use them as a stand-alone feature.

Check out some suggested Feng Shui products related to prosperity here.

Ensure Your Space is Clean and Uncluttered

Whether or not you plan to include a wealth corner in your space, the main thing to remember is to keep your area clean and uncluttered so that positive energy can flow freely throughout the room.

It’s also advisable to keep your space nicely lit, with good music playing from time to time, enhanced with pleasing aromas and candles.

What Your Money Area/Corner Should NOT Include:

  1. Piled-up clothes, boxes, or clutter
  2. Dead or Dying Plants
  3. Stacks of Bills
  4. A Paper Shredder
  5. Tools
  6. Garbage Cans or Recycling Bins
  7. Unappealing and Depressing Images
  8. Sad Memories
  9. Cleaning Supplies
  10. Old and Unattractive Furniture
  11. Avoid Fire or Metal Elements in Your Wealth Corner – Use them sparingly

Feng Shui Prosperity Items for Your Home

Summary of FAQs:

  1. What is the wealth corner in feng shui, and why is it important? The wealth corner, also known as the “money corner” or “fuk luk sau (Star Gods)” in feng shui, is the area of a home or office associated with wealth, prosperity, and abundance. According to feng shui principles, activating and enhancing this corner can bring financial success and abundance into your life.
  2. How do I determine the wealth corner in my home? As indicated above, the wealth corner is typically located in the far left corner of a room or house when you enter it. This can be determined by using a feng shui Bagua map, a tool used to map out the different energy areas of a space.
  3. Can I enhance my wealth corner with specific colors, symbols, or elements? Yes, certain colors, symbols, and elements are believed to enhance the energy of the wealth corner. These include red, purple, and gold, symbols such as the Chinese “wealth ship” or the “money frog,” and elements such as metal and water, as well as the items mentioned above.
  4. Can I have multiple wealth corners in my home? Yes, you can have various wealth corners in your home. However, it is important to ensure that the energy in each corner is balanced and not overwhelming.
  5. Can I use a mirror in my wealth corner to enhance its energy? Yes, a mirror can be used in the wealth corner to enhance its energy by multiplying the wealth symbols. However, it is important to be careful and avoid placing the mirror in a way that reflects negative energy, such as the toilet or the front door.
  6. How do I activate and maintain the energy in my wealth corner? As indicated above, you can activate and sustain the energy in your wealth corner by regularly cleaning and decluttering the area, placing wealth symbols and activating elements, and energizing the space with good chi through regular use and positive intentions.
  7. Can I use plants in my wealth corner to enhance its energy? Yes, certain plants such as the money tree or bamboo can be used in the wealth corner to enhance its energy.
  8. Can I use crystals in my wealth corner to enhance its energy? Yes, certain crystals such as citrine, jade, and pyrite can be used in the wealth corner to enhance its energy.
  9. How can I balance the energy in my wealth corner with the rest of my home? You can balance the energy in your wealth corner with the rest of your home by ensuring that the overall energy in your home is balanced using feng shui principles such as the Bagua map and the five elements.
  10. Can I use feng shui to attract wealth in other areas of my life, not just in my home? Yes, feng shui principles can be applied to your home and other areas of your life, such as your career and relationships, to attract wealth and abundance. This can be done by using feng shui symbols, activating elements in your workspace, and surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people.

Have Fun and Double Check if Your House is Oozing Bad Luck!

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25 thoughts on “How Should I Decorate the Wealth Corner of My Home?💰💸”

  1. I think this would end up being my favorite place. Not because of the name, but because of the attributes. No clutter, no dying plants, no cleaning supplies …….. definitely very appealing. In truth, all of these elements, mirrors, wood, crystals, plants all appeal to me on a base level.

    • Cynthia, thanks for stopping by – yep, some of this just pure common sense that we sometimes just forget to follow lol!

  2. Barbara, several years ago I practiced a bit of Feng Shui and naturally the money corner was appealing. I discovered that the top left corner of my whole house was in the kitchen right where the kitchen cupboards were, which doesn’t leave a lot of room to ‘place’ stuff. So…. I made a wheel divided into 8 pie shapes out of green construction paper. On each segment of the wheel I wrote in things we wanted to have (new TV, X amount of money for a vacation, etc.) and I taped it inside the ‘wood’ cupboard door. This door led to my dinner plates, so the door got opened several times a day (mealtimes, snack times, putting away clean dishes, etc.). Each time we opened that cupboard door, the ‘wheel’ items got looked at and concentrated on. The beginning date was noted on the wheel. When each item was acquired, I wrote the date on that segment. Do you know, within 18 months we ended up having everything on that wheel? If you think that is a fluke or coincidence, let me tell you that I have done this 3X now and every time the items I listed ended up coming to me in one way or another. 🙂 That’s my version of decorating the wealth corner of my home.

    • That’s awesome! and I do believe it, it’s a form of the self-fulfilling prophecy as well I would suspect! and you’ve done this three times with the same results, that’s incredible!!

  3. PS: Forgot to tell you that the source of my learning about Feng Shui was from the book you feature here — “Move Your Stuff.. Change Your Life”. I still have that book.

    • The book proved to be very valuable for you, still amazed at all the things that came to you by following these principles!

  4. Love this post! I don’t do much to Feng Shui my home. But I found it really fun to note that I already (by coincidence) have a money tree in that area of my apartment! Fun! Now I just have to remove a couple of dying plants. Otherwise, that is one area of my apartment that I tried to keep neat and uncluttered (outside of the plants). Fun post!

  5. My wealth corner is located in my laundry room! I try to keep it as clean and decluttered as pissible, but my recycling and gargabe bin are there. I have wealth bowl and a beautiful vase with bambu, anything else I can no?

  6. I am trying to practise Feng Shui but other members do not support so I have some difficulties. 🙁 The concept of wealth corner is not clear to them.

  7. My home office is the sunroom of my apartment; super bright with natural light, filled with items I really enjoy, and where I spend most of my day. The “doorway” is quite wide as it is simply a room that is off of my living room. Using the map provided, the wealth corner is currently free of everything except a large terra cotta floor vase filled with willow branches. Willow branches are wood, but are there requirements for the vase? This just happens to be what was already in that space when I came across your article. Thank you!!

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by. This article is a quick fun overview of how to decorate your wealth corner. If you do further in-depth research on Feng Shui you’ll find a lot more than what’s here. If you’re planning to simply apply the basics, then the description of your wealth corner sounds very nice. The terracotta vase can fall into the color category of a brown item (a wealth corner color). Although it’s not technically a ‘wealth vase’, it’s still a vase. It sounds like the corner is clear, clean and simple – having an uncluttered area with the intention being to attract abundance into your life is a positive thought, and that alone is a great place to start. There’s no guarantee in life that these simple practices will bring wealth into our lives, but clearing our minds and setting our intentions is a positive process, and that’s always a good approach to life.

  8. Hi.
    Unfortunately, the wealth area of where we are renting right now is a fireplace. It’s just a part of decor. It’s not a real fireplace.
    May i please know how to solve this problem ?
    I’ve noticed, money doesn’t come that easy ?

  9. Ok so my wealth corner is my laundry room. there is dirty laundry, a garbage can for dryer lint and stuff and the door outside is blocked because it is so small. Ideas?

    • Without seeing your laundry, I’ll just give ideas based on what I would do – I would find a way to create organization so laundry wasn’t on the floor or piled up – maybe use the walls, go vertical – I would choose a garbage can with a lid – Also a reminder that each room has a wealth corner too (according to Feng Shui) – hope it all comes together!


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