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A Chair that Converts to a Single Bed – Space Saving Idea

A selection of sleeper chair styles and designs are featured below, or you can visit the product page directly here.

Space constraints don’t have to get in the way of your design aspirations. With a little ingenuity, to save square footage, you can add pieces that serve multiple functions.

With a chair that converts into a single bed, you’ve automatically created an area for sleepover guests. Since a chair doesn’t take up a lot of space, to begin with, an unfolding chair only needs room to open. To restore your place to its original state, fold the bed back into a chair.

Several chair designs convert to a single bed, however, featured here are several that are popular, and often selected.

Depending on the formality of the chair you need, you’ll notice that prices can range quite substantially. As an example, rather than an unfolding chair-to-bed, you can also get a pull-out-bed chair. Pull-out-bed-chairs offer a more formal appearance and are ideal for rooms where a casual design isn’t conducive to the space-saving needs you have. Check out the pull-out-chair-bed featured below.

If a very casual look is what you’re looking for, choose a design that sits directly on the floor. Chair-beds are also ideal as extra chair-beds in a child’s room, a recreation room, or even in a playroom or daycare classroom. You’ll see a few featured below, as well.

Most of the chairs featured here come in a variety of color options – not just the color featured here. Sizes vary as well, so be sure to measure the area you need the chair for, allowing for the opening up of the bed as well.

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