Funk and Inspiration for the Graduate with Graduation Wall Quotes

Graduation Wall Quotes

For the Graduate – Words of Continued Inspiration to Feature on the Wall Here you’ll find graduation wall quotes and decals put forth in the form of dreams, hopes, knowledge, and education. “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out” Wall lettering says it every day without having to speak … Read more

Funky Brightness with Quotes on Strength for the Wall

Quote Decals about Strength

Inspirational Quotes on Strength for the Walls – Say it Without Saying it Everyday What the heck, put a bunch of quotes about strength all around the house. In today’s world, that’s one of the attributes necessary to get through life from the cradle to the grave. Tenacity, strength, fortitude are necessary tools. Whether it’s … Read more

Inspiring Funk with Courage Wall Quotes

Wall Quotes About Courage

Courage Wall Quotes and Decals for the Home, Office, or Classroom Courage comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s just as simple as surviving the day and trying again tomorrow. Below you’ll find courage quotes that can be featured on the wall. These are a terrific way to inspire without speaking. ‘Courage is not having the … Read more

Funk Up Your Mind with Wall Quotes About the Mind!

Wall Quotes About the Mind

  Inspirational and Poignant Quotes about the Mind to Both Educate and Decorate the Walls Whether it’s a quote by Napoleon Hill or Gordon B.Hinckley, quotes about the mind can pertain to various emotions and people. It’s safe to say that many of us forget that the mind is a muscle like any other muscle … Read more

Be Funky and Wise with Wisdom Wall Quotes

Wisdom Wall Quote Wall Decals

Wisdom Wall Quotes for Home or Office Decor Wisdom wall quotes are a unique way to add provocative thought and decoration to any room. They inspire interesting conversations while serving to educate. Product Page Here – Or View Products Below A life tip on the wall can be used as a daily affirmation. Wise words … Read more