Shower Head With Color Led Lights

Multi Colored LED Shower Head

It’s raining color in the shower and you get to stand under it and come out clean as whistle. This thing is the oddest item, but certainly one that most people would like to have. Whenever in doubt about what to give as a ‘Shower Gift’, here’s a symbolic but useful choice. You’ll notice the … Read moreShower Head With Color Led Lights

Popular Flagpole Solar Lights

Flagpole Solar Lights

Easy Way to Follow Proper Illumination of the US Flag as Per the US Flag Code Check out these flagpole lights. Are you familiar with the United States Flag Code? If you’re not from the USA, check out the flag code for your country. Your country most likely has one. The US Flag Code stipulates … Read morePopular Flagpole Solar Lights

Funky Blue Lamps – A Little Blue for Your Good Mood

Creative Blue Lamps

Bohemian Blue Stacked Glass Table Lamp When choosing a blue themed room, or adding blue accessories to a space, liking the color blue says a few things about your personality: Before you choose from these funky blue lamps, here’s what preferring the color blue says about your personality: Whenever possible, you’d prefer harmony in your … Read moreFunky Blue Lamps – A Little Blue for Your Good Mood

Funky Boat Table Lamps to Add to a Nautical Themed Space

Boat Table Lamps for Nautical Home Decor

150W 3 Way Bear in Canoe Resin Table LampWhen putting together a nautical themed space, and the major areas like the rugs, beds and bookcases are finished, then you’re ready to complete the look with funky boat table lamps. It’s the small things that make a room feel complete. Most importantly, it’s these final details … Read moreFunky Boat Table Lamps to Add to a Nautical Themed Space