Funk’N Fresh Bedding with Leaves

Unique Bedding Sets with Leaves

Spring, Summer or Autumn Bedding Featuring a Leaves Themed Design Below are artistic designs of bedding with leaves for a nature-themed bedroom. No matter the major color of the bedding, leaves can add a fresh airy feeling and bring the outdoors in.Ambesonne Palm Leaf Duvet Cover Set, Realistic Vivid Leaves of Palm Tree Growth Ecology … Read moreFunk’N Fresh Bedding with Leaves

Funky Cheerful Sunflower Area Rugs

Sunflower Area Rugs

Bright, Happy Sunflower Area Rugs for Home or Office Decor Below is a selection of popular sunflower area rugs that can be used to enhance the space in the home or to bring out the feminine summer mood of an office. Add sunflower rugs to summer-themed rooms, or to a bedroom featuring sunflower bedding and … Read moreFunky Cheerful Sunflower Area Rugs

Funky Custom Made Furniture for the Creative Thinker Who Lives Outside all Boxes!

Funky Custom Made Furniture

If You’re Looking for Funky Custom Furniture, You’ve Landed Here for a Reason Custom Painted End Table by LisaFrickYou’ve just saved time. Why? Because here at Funkthishouse I’m on the hunt for wild and funky items to feature so you don’t have to run around the internet like a chicken wearing tap shoes. Today, you’re … Read moreFunky Custom Made Furniture for the Creative Thinker Who Lives Outside all Boxes!

Geometric Wall Decals for Funk’N Confusion

Geometric Wall Decals

Mid Century Geometric Wall Decal byHomeArtStickers Create an Interesting Conversation Piece with Vinyl Geometric Wall Decals With Geometric Wall Decals you can create interest at the same time you’re enhancing the artistic aspect of a room. Below you’ll find numerous vinyl geometric wall murals to choose from. They range from specific design styles, to geometrically … Read moreGeometric Wall Decals for Funk’N Confusion