Understanding the Basics of Feng Shui Home Decor

Understanding Feng Shui Basics

Your Basic Explanation of Feng Shui as it Relates to Home Decor The whole point of Feng Shui Home Decor is to tap into your home’s engery, sometimes called Chi, to benefit your environment for yourself, your family, or in the case of your office, your work and peers. By tapping into your environment’s Chi, your … Read moreUnderstanding the Basics of Feng Shui Home Decor

How Should I Decorate the Wealth Corner of My Home?

How to decorate the wealth corner in your home

Yes, According to the Practice of Feng Shui, Your Home Has a Wealth/Abundance Corner In fact, your property, your home and each room have their own money corners. Since you’re wondering how to decorate that corner, or what to feature in it, I’m presuming you already know this. If you’re not familiar with the basic … Read moreHow Should I Decorate the Wealth Corner of My Home?

Funky Boat Shaped Bookcase

Boat Shaped Bookshelves

Custom Made Boat Shaped Cabinet by KnotInYourHouse Add Some Fun to a Pirate or Nautical Themed Room with a Boat Shaped Bookcase When a bedroom, office, playroom, living room or reading room needs something a little different to complete a Ship, Nautical or  Pirate theme, you can accessorize with funky things, like a book shaped … Read moreFunky Boat Shaped Bookcase

Freaky Fun Skull Bedding in a Bag

Shopping for Skull Bedding Sets

Gothic Skull Bedding by FolkandFunkySay Yes to Funk ‘N Fun with Death Décor? If you’re looking to show your freakish nature with an unexpected twist try this set; skull bedding in a bag! Extremely pretty, completely funky and absolutely wild, this set features white flowers in the skull head. It’s a perfect way to soften … Read moreFreaky Fun Skull Bedding in a Bag