Modern Simplicity with Flat Weave Area Rugs

Flatweave Area Rugs

A flat textured look versus a thicker piled appearance is one of the things people like about Flat Weave Area Rugs. View the Flat Weave area rugs below, or on their own featured product page Typical types of flatweave rugs are Kilims (Turkish/Persian origin), Dhurries (India origin), Soumaks (Russia/Georgia Origin), Needlepoints, and Aubussons (French origin). … Read more

Area Rugs with Geometric Checkered Patterns

Checkered Geometric Rugs

A geometric checkered rug makes a fun addition to a playroom, recreation room, and even a classroom. Choose from a selection, including black and white checkered rugs along with plaid checkered rugs. There are a variety of colors, shades, sizes, and styles. Some checkered patterns lend themselves to a more traditional appearance while others offer … Read more

Funk’N Beauty & Nature with Butterfly Area Rugs

Butterfly Area Rugs

Butterfly Rugs to Decorate the Home, Office or Even a Classroom Butterfly Area Rugs come in many styles and designs, making them an excellent choice for just about any room. Add creative art and earthly joy with one design item. Butterfly Rug Features Serenity PrayerDepending upon the mood you’re trying to create, you can use … Read more