Area Rugs with Geometric Checkered Patterns

Checkered Geometric Rugs

A geometric checkered rug makes a fun addition to a playroom, recreation room and even a classroom. Choose from a selection, including black and white checkered rugs along with plaid checkered rugs. There are a variety of colors, shades, sizes and styles. Some checkered patterns lend themselves to a more traditional appearance while others offer … Read moreArea Rugs with Geometric Checkered Patterns

Funky 3 Piece Rug Sets

Three Piece Rug Sets

Achim Home Furnishings Capri 3-Piece Rug Set, Southwest Tiles Three Piece Rug Sets for Various Areas of the Home or Office Here you’ll find various types of 3 Piece Rug Sets to accessorize a room with. You may be surprised at how reasonable it is to shop for rugs in sets. Use three piece sets … Read moreFunky 3 Piece Rug Sets

Funky Shapes with Octagon Area Rugs

Octagon Area Rugs

Sculpture Modern Octagon Area Rug Contemporary Blue Design 258 (7 Feet 3 Inch X 7 Feet 3 Inch Octagon) Octagon Area Rugs to Define or Decorate a Space in the Home or Office For odd shaped rooms, foyers or beneath tables, an octagon shaped rug can create a focal point. If you’re trying to create … Read moreFunky Shapes with Octagon Area Rugs

Funky Hippie Area Rugs

Hippies Area Rugs

5′ x 8′ Hippie-Do-Dad Rose Floral Red and Retro Sienna Wool Area Throw Rug List of Popular Funky Hippie Area Rugs for both Home or Office Decor The 1960’s and 1970’s were times of the peace sign, disco, flower power, individuality and rebelling against ‘the man’. When the word ‘Hippie’ is spoken, it tends to … Read moreFunky Hippie Area Rugs