Rugs with Circle Patterns – There’s Meaning in Those Circles

Rugs with Circles in Them

Did You Know that the Circle is the Most Important Shape in Symbology – More than Rugs with Circle Patterns Looks like you’re not just acquiring a rug with circle patterns, you’re putting purpose on the floor 🙂 The most known symbolism with the circle is Eternity; no beginning and no end. It’s corny to … Read moreRugs with Circle Patterns – There’s Meaning in Those Circles

Funky Shapes with Octagon Area Rugs

Octagon Area Rug

Nourison Versailles Palace (VP10) Sage Octagon Area Rug, 6-Feet by 6-Feet (6′ x 6′) Octagon Area Rugs to Define or Decorate a Space in the Home or Office For odd shaped rooms, entry halls or beneath tables, an Octagon shaped rug can be used to create or enhance a focal point in a room. If … Read moreFunky Shapes with Octagon Area Rugs

Funky Optical Illusion Area Rugs

Optical Illusion Area Rugs

AnnHomeArt Flickering geometric optical illusion Area Rug Modern Carpet Runner Rug 7’x3’3” There are many ingenious ways to decorate a space. Try utilizing floors and walls as a creative tool. So long as the art, design and colors create a balanced cohesive result even optical illusion area rugs can wok! Although I’ve not found a … Read moreFunky Optical Illusion Area Rugs

Funky Hippie Area Rugs

Funky Hippie Area Rugs

5′ x 8′ Hippie-Do-Dad Rose Floral Red and Retro Sienna Wool Area Throw Rug List of Popular Funky Hippie Area Rugs for both Home or Office Decor The 1960’s and 1970’s were times of the peace sign, disco, flower power, and on a deeper level, individuality and rebelling against ‘the man’. When the word ‘Hippie’ … Read moreFunky Hippie Area Rugs