Funky Decor Using Rugs with Words

Rugs with Words on Them

Decorating a Room Using a Rug with Words Find rugs designed with words to use as an educational tool, or just for fun words to create an exciting conversation piece. Below is a collection of word rugs that cover many decorating ideas. Go ahead and feature learning rugs in a playroom or child’s room. A … Read more Funky Decor Using Rugs with Words

Whimsical Area Rugs for the Family

Whimsical Area Rugs

Create Humor and Fun in a Room Without Compromising Style or Design With the Addition of a Whimsical Area Rug A Whimsical Area Rug is an easy way to lighten the mood of any room. Most offer a modern, slightly contemporary feel, while still providing an artsy dimension. 16Romantic Double Heart RugNot only can they … Read more Whimsical Area Rugs for the Family

Funky Cheerful Sunflower Area Rugs

Sunflower Area Rugs

Bright, Happy Sunflower Area Rugs for Home or Office Decor Below is a selection of popular sunflower area rugs that can be used to enhance the space in the home or to bring out the feminine summer mood of an office. Add sunflower rugs to summer-themed rooms, or to a bedroom featuring sunflower bedding and … Read more Funky Cheerful Sunflower Area Rugs

Funk’N Beauty & Nature with Butterfly Area Rugs

Butterfly Area Rugs

Butterfly Rugs to Decorate the Home, Office or Even a Classroom Butterfly Area Rugs come in many styles and designs, making them an excellent choice for just about any room. Add creative art and earthly joy with one design item. Butterfly Rug Features Serenity PrayerDepending upon the mood you’re trying to create, you can use … Read more Funk’N Beauty & Nature with Butterfly Area Rugs

Funky Southwest Area Rugs

Colorful Southwest Area Rugs

Popular Southwestern Area Rugs that Help to Complete the Decor Theme of Any Room Below you’ll find a popular collection of Southwest Rugs to further accessorize a themed room. Even if a room lends itself to a more modern decor, a southwest area rug featuring a geometric design can bring in a touch of nostalgia … Read more Funky Southwest Area Rugs