Funk’N Spaced Out with a Moon and Stars Area Rug

Moon and Stars Area Rugs

Moon and Stars Kids Rug – Size 31 Area Rugs Featuring a Moon Theme for Home, Classroom or Office Decor Below are a variety of moon themed rugs for both an adult space or a kids room. Whether it’s for learning or just to add to a celestial theme, a moon rug contributes creative character … Read moreFunk’N Spaced Out with a Moon and Stars Area Rug

Funky Hippie Area Rugs

Hippies Area Rugs

5′ x 8′ Hippie-Do-Dad Rose Floral Red and Retro Sienna Wool Area Throw Rug List of Popular Funky Hippie Area Rugs for both Home or Office Decor The 1960’s and 1970’s were times of the peace sign, disco, flower power, individuality and rebelling against ‘the man’. When the word ‘Hippie’ is spoken, it tends to … Read moreFunky Hippie Area Rugs

Funky Decor Using Rugs with Words

Rugs with Words on Them

Inspirational Patchwork Rug – 3′ x 4’6 Decorating a Room Using a Rug with Words Find rugs designed with words to use as an educational tool, or just for fun words to create an interesting conversation piece. Below is a collection of word rugs that cover multiple decorating ideas. Go ahead and feature learning rugs … Read moreFunky Decor Using Rugs with Words

Funk’N Peace Sign Area Rugs for the Hippie in You!

Peace Sign Area Rugs

ALAZA Colorful Peace Sign Area Rug Rugs for Living Room Bedroom 5’3 x 4′Peace Sign Area Rugs for Creative & Fun Decor Whether it’s for a retro room, hippie room, or just because the peace symbol is a favorite, a peace sign rug makes a lovely addition to any fun room in the home or … Read moreFunk’N Peace Sign Area Rugs for the Hippie in You!