Can I Put an Area Rug in My Kitchen

Can I Put An Area Rug in My Kitchen

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You’re thinking about putting a rug in your kitchen, but you’re unsure whether that’s a practical choice.

The answer, in short, is yes, you can put a rug in your kitchen.

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The question, “can I put an area rug in my kitchen” is frequent; most of us are just unsure whether that’s a practical choice.

Area Rug in Kitchen

Did you know that back in the 1970s, a wall-to-wall rug in the kitchen was normal?

Better yet, they were common in some washrooms as well!

Things have long since changed. Thank goodness.

When you’re asking yourself, “can I put a rug in my kitchen,” as indicated above, yes, you can is the answer. However, that’s only applicable to area rugs strategically placed to serve a design purpose.

Don’t just place a rug somewhere because you like the design.

Things to Consider For Area Rugs in The Kitchen:

  • Is the rug for underneath a table?
  • Is the carpet going in front of an island?
  • Is the rug being placed under the kitchen bar stools?
  • Is the rug primarily to soften cold colors; greys, blacks, harsh whites?
  • Is the rug positioned in a large kitchen away from traffic flow for pets?
  • Is the rug being used to divide an ample kitchen space?

Decide the Purpose of Your Kitchen Area Rug

If your kitchen area rug is meant to enhance, add to the design, or solve a problem, then go ahead and put a rug in the kitchen.

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t put a rug in a small kitchen! Or if you do put a rug in a small kitchen, make it small and proportional to the space. What is a small kitchen – typically, 15 by 10 feet is pretty small in terms of having to carefully and practically accessorize.
  • When placing a rug in front of the kitchen island, leave floor space on either side of the rug. In other words, don’t cover the whole floor from the counter/cupboard area to the island with a rug! Place the rug, so it’s centered between the cupboards and the island. This means you’ll have to measure and pick the correct size. Leave a good 8 inches on either side of the rug, so it doesn’t touch the kitchen cupboard or the island area. You can leave more than 8 inches, but at least 8 inches is a good guideline.
  • If the area where your table is located is small, don’t put a rug under the table.
  • If the table is pushed against the wall, don’t put a rug under the table.

The Do’s:

  • Put a rug under a table if the area the table is located is large enough to accommodate plenty of room to walk around the table.
  • In a large kitchen, you can put a rug under the entire table and chairs so that when the chairs are pulled out, they are still positioned on the area rug.
  • If the kitchen is large enough, you can position the rug under just the table. However, it would help if you made sure that the design conforms to the kitchen and serves a decorating purpose, like adding a pattern or color to an otherwise neutral space.
  • Note, if you’re putting an area rug just under the kitchen table, it works best for tables that have a pedestal design! Not so much for Harvest Table designs (they typically have four legs on the corners).
  • Use kitchen runners for narrow areas.
  • Use rugs to add color, design, and warmth – but follow the above principles.
  • You can place a rug in front of the sink. In fact, try a comfort rug.
  • Place a rug in front of a sliding patio door, but ensure it doesn’t reach out into the functional area of the kitchen and look out of place. In other words, keep the rug so that it looks and feels like it’s part of the patio door area itself.
  • Place a rug in front of the stove – consider a fire-resistant mat for that location.

You’ll love a kitchen area rug because it adds warmth, color, design, and interest.

Kitchen Area Rugs to Choose From:

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