Bunk Bed Dorm Rooms

Bunk Bed Dorm Room Ideas – A Creative Way to Add Sleeping Areas to a Home or Cottage

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The concept of a bunk bed dorm room was introduced to me in the mid-1980s.

Seeing that first bunk bed dorm room hooked me on the creative aspect of managing spaces and making them functional.

The couple who owned the home with the dorm room were empty nesters. Their grown children had large young families. Grandma and Grandpa solved the space problem for the visiting grandkids by turning a large section of their beautifully finished basement into a dorm area.

Their design was unique to their home. They placed the dorm bunk beds in a large room and created separation for each bunk area by crossing two walls in the shape of a “t.” The walls did not reach the ceiling; however, each bunk area was private.

The bunk room was finished with warm and practical details such as colorful bedding, lighting, wall art, built-in drawers, and shelving. Unfortunately, there is not a picture of that particular design, but be sure to check out the other unique bunk rooms below.

A bunk bed dorm room does not have to conform to any rule. You can create a unique one-of-a-kind space that works for your home.

 Why Build a Dorm Room?

As mentioned above, it’s the perfect way for grandma and grandpa to accommodate their growing family sleepovers. But here are a few additional reasons to consider a bunk bed dorm room:

  1.  It’s a unique perk that can add value to your home
  2.  If you love this look, it’s an honest way to show off your inner designer
  3.  When the kids are older it’s the perfect place to accommodate party sleepovers
  4.  It’s a fun place for guests to sleep
  5.  If your home only has a limited amount of bedrooms, a dorm room adds more sleeping space
  6.  Built-ins are a valuable and stunning way to upgrade a home
  7.  You can even design double-bunks for grown-ups
  8.  When the grandkids visit, they’re all safely tucked into one room
  9.  With everyone together in one room it encourages bonding and getting to know each other
  10.  Add a board game area in the dorm room for more fun

 How About Dorm Room Bunks for the Adults

Of course, we adults prefer privacy. However, when mom and dad bring the kids over to grandma and grandpa’s, sometimes there isn’t extra room for everyone. When the kids are young, they usually bunk in with mom and dad.

Design a bunk bed dorm room to include single over double or double over double bunks. Build as many bunks as you feel works for your family. Go nuts! Build four, six, or more bunks if you have the space.

Solve the Sleeping Space Problem at the Cottage with a Spectacular Bunk Bed Dorm Room

When your cottage doesn’t have the space for multiple separate bedrooms, that’s where a dorm room bunk system works perfectly.

One room can be designed to accommodate a lot of people. All it takes is building vertically rather than horizontally. You’d be surprised how many beds can fit into a small space. Check out the design system below that features six beds!

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