How to Build a Christmas Village

How to Build a Christmas Village

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Start a Family Tradition or Keep Adding Collectibles to Your Existing Christmas Village

Have you ever wanted to set-up a Christmas Village but didn’t quite know how to present it? Here are some fundamental design points:

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  1. Choose a large flat surface to build your village on.
  2. Make sure the surface is near an electrical outlet.
  3. Ensure you have enough extension cords to plug your pieces into.
  4. Before starting, give some thought about how you want to layout the village.
  5. Use boxes to create levels. We use a variety of empty boxes from our Christmas Ornaments. These boxes need to be various sizes, and large enough to hold the base of a collectible village piece — no super large boxes.
  6. Place taller boxes to the rear of the table and lower height boxes in front of those.
  7. Position the boxes beside each other, in front of each other, and in such a way that various levels are created.
  8. Next, place a white sheet or another type of white blanket over all the boxes and the table. Don’t let the sheet hang down too far over the sides. If you’re able to clip or secure the white cover under the table, that’s good. We fold ours on the ends and tuck them under to create a nice clean line around the entire table.
  9. The white cover acts as a base before you put the fake snow on it at the end.
  10. Next, position the village pieces on each of the box levels, and don’t forget to add pieces to the flat surface of the table itself as well. Remember, you’re creating a village, so you’ll want to feature pieces on all levels.
  11.  As mentioned above, ensure the pieces are positioned to reach each other and the electrical outlet.
  12. You may have to use extension cords to join several pieces together.
  13. Next, put small handfuls of fake snow over the entire table surface. Put it in-between the village pieces and cover as much of the white sheet/blanket you used. The snow also covers any cords.
  14. Small accessories finish the village. Get a collection of trees and little people to add in various positions in the village. The trees finish the look. They’re easy to put into the fake snow. The ones we’ve used, and featured below, twist into the snow.

Quick Summary of Items You’ll Need:

  • A large flat surface
  • Close to an electrical outlet
  • Power cord and extension cords
  • A white sheet or white blanket
  • Empty boxes (from ornaments) to create levels
  • Faux snow
  • Village accessories; trees, people
  • Christmas Village pieces

Whether you’re building a Peanuts Christmas Village or a Dickens Christmas Village, the pieces you collect can be passed down to family for generations. Don’t hesitate to start this tradition; the kids will love it.

When our kids were younger, we always involved them in the process of putting up an elaborate Christmas village. Each year they’d ask, ‘when are we putting the village up.’ It’s a memory we cherish.

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