Funk ‘N Modern Black and White Abstract Art on Canvas

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Photo – : Custom Designed Black and White Abstract Art on Canvas

Black and White Abstract Art on Canvas

This is the base design of the piece known as ‘City Lights Day and Night’ – A front view, however, depending upon the products this piece is on, the design adjust accordingly for a slightly different affect.

Black and White Abstract Art on Canvas

Although this Art piece on Canvas isn’t the typical colorful design you’ll usually find on FunkThisHouse, it is one of my own personal designs. You’ll rarely find me creating a piece that doesn’t have a ton of bizarre color to  it, but I just couldn’t resist the look of this one when it started to come together.

As I talk about on another page featuring funky colored pillows, my designs are put together using Zazzle. If you’re not familiar with Zazzle, basically it’s a way to upload your own creations onto a variety of products. If you’re artistic or have favorite photos, it’s easy to do!

City Lights Day & Night!

Yep, that’s what I call this piece. One of the fun things about creating your own designs is naming them. As an example, this one I’ve called ‘Popsicle Madness‘ and another piece I’ve created is named  A Touch of Purple.

City Lights Day & Night turned out to be a simple yet, blunt creation that is meant to enhance a contemporary monochromatic scheme. The top section of the piece is essentially white with a few hints of taupe speckled in the less than obvious places; the bottom, and near the sides.

Of course this design is not only available on canvas art, it’s also been made to fit a variety of household accessories.

Here’s a Matching Pillow Featuring City Lights Day & Night:

Modern Black & White Pillow
Modern Black & White Pillow by FindingGifts
Browse for another pillow at Zazzle

If you’re looking for a new way to Funk out a space, then taking an art design into other accessories in a room, is a creative and rather unique way to do it. This isn’t about matching drapes and bedding, but rather it involves using an original one-of-a-kind creation in multiple smaller pieces in the space so as to rope in a theme.  In fact, using the black and white abstract featured here strictly as an add-on, gives you a place to start. Start with the art.

Here’s another piece that you can add to the space – A Funky Black and White Contemporary Lamp based on the Same design as the Canvas Art:

Modern Black & White Table Lamp
Modern Black & White Table Lamp by FindingGifts
Browse Blackandwhite Lamp-In-A-Box Lamp online at
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  1. Nancy Hardin says:

    I’m not a modern decor fan, but I really liked your work. The cushion and the lamp especially appealed to me, although they wouldn’t work in my house. But they sure grabbed my eye!

    • funkthishouse says:

      Thanks Nancy, I’m like you too, I’m not into modern design but I don’t mind how these turned out either

  2. Paula Atwell says:

    Not my style but interesting. I have been in a house that is black, white and silver–the entire house–and it is stunning.

    • funkthishouse says:

      Thanks Paula, it can look beautiful for sure, not my taste either, but I’ve seen quite a few homes decorated in contemporary themes, and just like you I was so impressed with them

  3. Black & white is a great basic place to start in a room decor, I think. That way a splash of color can be added anywhere and any color will fit. Very nice.

  4. sylvestermouse says:

    Oh, I just know my daughter would love these pillows! She prefers black and white decor and I feel quite certain she would like the abstract design. Awesome!

    • funkthishouse says:

      Thanks Cynthia, I could spend hours coming up with patterns for products, honestly I can sit for 4 hours working on one without knowing the time has gone by, lol – I have to stay away from this stuff when I have other things to do (plus I love doing it to relax)

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