How to Choose Bedroom Decor that Will Stand the Test of Time

Bedroom Decor that Stands the Test of Time – The Main Points to Consider

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The problem with choosing bedroom décor that will stand the test of time is that no matter how much we’re determined to keep our room as is, we eventually ache for some change.

A bedroom that stands the test of time is a bedroom that doesn’t wear on you as the years go by. Unfortunately, no matter how much you think you can solve this issue with proper planning, there’s going to come a time when you yearn for a change.

So rather than battle against the urges that will inevitably happen, the better way to create a bedroom that stands the test of time is to plan for that inevitability.

Five Points to Consider When Choosing Bedroom Décor that stands the test of Time:

1. Start with the most expensive aspect of the room, the Bedroom Furniture

  • Avoid ultra-modern or trendy furniture. Choose solid wood furniture that can be refinished or painted in the years ahead. That way, if you decide to change your furniture, you can have it refinished. Here is a lovely wood bedroom set available from Wayfair.

2. Choosing the Wall Colors

  • Since walls can be repainted, select any color that matches your choice for bedding, drapes, and accessories. However, if you intend to avoid repainting as much as possible, then go with the neutral wall color and introduce splashes of color and design via accessories. Neutral colors are black, white, grey, and earth tones.

3. Choosing Bedding Sets

  • To anticipate change, choose a Duvet Bedding Set. With a duvet set, you’re able to easily change the look of your room in the future by merely changing the duvet cover. Keep several duvets in the closet, and you can also change them for seasons or holidays.

4. Choosing Flooring that You Will Like for Decades

  • Flooring is a big deal, you’ll have it in your space for a lot of years. If you’re able to select your home’s flooring, hardwood is a good idea. If you’re choosing to carpet, choose a neutral color. There’s no doubt at some point in the future, you’ll get tired of your flooring; however, if your floors are stone or hardwood, you’ll be able to make a change by adding or removing area rugs. If you have wall to wall rug in your space and wonder whether you can put an area rug over the carpet, wonder no more.

5. Choosing Bedroom Side Chairs

  • In terms of style, choose something fairly traditional, as traditional shapes and colors will make it through decades. Skip ultra-modern funky chairs! Again, in the future, if you do decide you’d like a change, you can either choose bedding and drapes that match your existing chair, or use a slipcover to change it up.

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5 thoughts on “Bedroom Decor that Stands the Test of Time – The Main Points to Consider”

  1. You always have wonderful ideas! When we moved, we discovered that our new master bedroom was larger than our previous bedroom. Our original bedroom furniture was way too small for the 9 ft ceilings and larger area. We ended up buying a new bedroom suite that fit the room, which is an expense we didn’t expect, but i’m glad we made that choice. I would love to have pretty sitting chairs in there now. I love the one you have featured on the right. However, I have my rocker in there and it isn’t going anywhere! Still, I am tempted to move the rocker to a different room and purchase the pair of chairs.

    • Cynthia, high ceilings make such a difference in a home, add a large with high ceilings and you could indeed need some larger styled furniture to fill it. I would say keep the rocking chair, lol, nothing better than having a rocking chair to sit in 🙂

  2. Changing the bedding would be my easiest choice for changing the looks of a bedroom. If the furniture and the walls & floors have the look you like, color changes in bedding would give the room a whole new look. Always good suggestions from your decor corner, Barbara. 🙂


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