Bedding Sets with Words

A Funky Way to Inspire Using Bedding Sets with Words

Rustic Duvet with Inspirational Words by FolkandFunkyRustic Duvet with Inspirational Words by FolkandFunky

Inspiration doesn’t have to begin and end on the walls, you can also sleep in it! Choose Bedding Sets with Words

Bedding Sets with words, especially positive words like the ones you see here, is a creative way to wrap our loved ones in smiles. In fact, this set is actually called ‘Smile’ bedding.

The sheet gives you a closer look at the actual words on the bedding. Some of the words are; creative, dreaming, happy, love, wonderful, brave, beautiful, bright – What a FANTASTIC array of positivity and encouragement to sleep in! Even the sheets alone are great to have; they’re on my list of things to get.

ENCOURAGEMENT for a YOUNG PERSON Using Bedding Sets with Words

If someone sees, sits on, plays on, reads on, watches tv on, these words day-in and day-out, well then some of them could hit the ever-important ‘subconscious mind’ – the part of our brain that is truly the boss of the conscious mind. So not only is the bedding pretty, in fact, very pretty, it also serves a very useful purpose; positive thought.

Praxis; the integration of belief with behavior – Giving our children the power to master this one asset from an early age can be done with the simplest tools…home decor!

The repetition of ideas and our thinking is what shape our paradigms, and with so many negative words coming at our children these days, providing them with positive thought tools throughout the home is a creative and visual way to encourage.

Use inspirational bedding with words as a part of a child’s life from the time they’re a toddler – they’ll get used to reading and seeing these inspirational words from an early age.

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10 thoughts on “A Funky Way to Inspire Using Bedding Sets with Words”

    • Pat, me too, I wouldn’t mind having decorated my kids rooms this way when they were little – if I had known about it back then

  1. These are really neat bedding sets! I always have to smile a little to see the peace signs back in style. I was once told to keep everything because it will eventually come back in style. Well, I am now old enough to actually be seeing that happen rather often these days.

    • I was thinking about that the other day! how it all comes back in style, and I remember my mom saying that to me about her styles when I was a teenager – it’s absolutely true 🙂


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