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Create a Beach Themed Room – Bring the Beach to You

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When You’ve Had Enough of Living Life Without Seeing the Beach Full Time, then You’re Ready to Turn a Room in Your Home into Everything Beachy

It can be nerve-wracking to create a themed room, primarily because it’s hard to pick a starting point. So your first task is to decide which room gets the honor of a re-do.

Once you’ve decided on the room in your home to feature all things beachy, next, you can tackle the decorating.

It’s the order you do things that matter at the beginning of a sizeable redecorating project.

Before you tackle the six decisions below, decide first and foremost how you want people to feel when they enter the space.

When you’ve decided on the ‘mood’ you want to create, the choices below become must easier. So, if you’re wondering what sort of moods a beach theme can have – here are several ideas. Do you want people to ‘feel happy’ when they enter, do you want people to ‘feel a sense of adventure‘ when they enter, do you want people to feel calm and relaxed when they enter. Do you want people to feel ‘interested in learning about aquatic life’… You get the picture.

Since there are many beach-related items to choose from nowadays, you narrow things down by selecting the ‘mood’ for your space first – the rest begins to fall into place nicely once you do this.

Make These First Key Choices:

  1. What color will the walls be
  2. Will you feature a beach scene wall graphic and other art
  3. If the room has a hardwood floor, will you include an area rug, and what size
  4. Presuming there’s a window, are you changing the draperies
  5. Do you plan to include beach-themed furnishings
  6. What accessories do you want in the room; lamps, clocks, ornaments, water features
  7. If a bedroom is your beach room, are you changing the bedding to a beach-themed set?

When you’re decorating a room, it’s the little things that complete the overall look: It’s never just one thing.

When people redecorate, the fundamental mistake is that they change a couple of essential items, like the bedding and drapes, without changes to the walls, the floor, and most importantly, without adding accessories – and that doesn’t work.

If you’ve ever walked into a room that’s entirely themed out, down to the last detail, versus one that’s half-done or feels half-done, you know exactly the difference.

The best thing you can do for yourself when you begin a redecorating project is to take it slow, take your time, and plan out the whole room.

Once you have the room planned, then begin to choose the specific items you want.

Start with the walls – painting and wall decals first. Then, add window coverings, bedding if it’s a bedroom, the area rug, throws, pillows, and finally, all the little accessories.

When you put your room together – finally, but most importantly, consider the lighting in your space.

Lighting makes the most significant impact when you’re room is finished. Of course, you’ll want bright light for times when a bright, cheerful room is needed, but you’ll also want to consider ambient mood lighting, so your beautiful beach room has a warm romantic ocean feel in the evening.

Suggested Items for Your Indoor Beach:

  1.  A Beach Themed Area Rug
  2.  Super-Cute Beach House Table Lamps
  3.  Drapes that Give You a View of the Beach
  4.  A Window Wall Decal that Simulates a View of the Beach

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