7 different ways your home could be oozing bad luck

Is Your House Oozing Bad Luck?

Is Your Home’s Good Energy being Zapped or Stalled? Below are 7 Different Ways Your Home Could be Oozing Bad Luck

The above question pertains to Feng Shui, although when we’re approaching Halloween it tends to be asked a bit more. With home decor, bad luck is another word for ‘bad energy’. Thus the real question is, “is your home oozing bad energy?”

Your home’s ‘Chi’ or ‘good energy’ should flow freely and easily throughout your entire house in a balanced way.

To help you visualize ‘Chi’, think of it as water. Is this metaphoric water flowing in a balanced way through your house, or does it pool and become stagnant in certain areas. Or is the good energy leaving your home before it has a chance to flow through it?

Feng Shui can seem very complicated. If you have yet to grasp the basics of Feng Shui, refer to this article.

This page is designed to help you answer some basic questions about your home’s features and layout. If you’re able to make changes to help encourage positive energy throughout your home, then go for it.

1. Your Foyer Entry Way – Is it Leaking Bad Luck

The ‘Mouth of Chi’ is considered your entryway. It’s how your home absorbs the energy as it enters.

Is your front door directly aligned with your back door? If so, in Feng Shui that means good energy will enter and exit immediately. Unfortunately changing floor plan designs isn’t an easy fix, so check out these suggestions to help minimize the bad energy leak.

2. Your Staircase – Is it Redirecting Your Home’s Good Energy

A staircase directly open to the front door invites the energy away from the main floor by immediately ‘leaking’ it upstairs or downstairs. When changing a floor plan isn’t in the cards, approach your front door with the intention of slowing the energy down. In other words, when people enter, introduce items to the main floor foyer that immediately grab their focus and place it on the main level.

Since each home layout is different, think in terms of items that stop the eye from roaming upstairs or downstairs. Try strategically placed art or plants. If you have doors to a basement, washroom or laundry room on the main level, keep the doors closed.

Ensure you have lovely bright lighting in your entranceway. Think ‘cheerful’. Cheerful thoughts help you create a favorable environment and lighting contributes to that mood.

Foyer with Stairs off to the Side
In this photo, the stairs are slightly to the left of the door. However, they’re still visible from the front door. A foyer chair and table help to redirect the energy through the foyer into the main level.

3. Do You Have a Mirror Facing the Front Door?

That’s a no-no in Feng Shui. Even having it within five feet of the front door is a bad idea. A mirror facing the front door is said to reflect the good energy entering right back out again.

However, if you have mirrored closets near or facing the front door and replacing them isn’t possible simply minimize the reflected leaking energy by placing items that help redirect or slow down the Chi coming in.

If it’s a mirror on the wall, simply relocate it.

With a mirrored closet, consider putting a non-reflective window decal over it. You can also try placing a plant near it. Your house floor plan will dictate what you can do.

Water fountains are a good choice for an entryway. If you can position a water fountain in the foyer so as to detract from the mirrored closet doors and draw the energy entering to it and away from the mirrors, go for it.

Closet Mirrors in the Entry Way
These closet mirrors are more than five feet away from the front door and are not in direct alignment with the front door. However, they could still be covered with mirror decals if it bothered the homeowners. Again, to cover these mirrors you could use wallpaper such as ‘grasscloth’, or a window film, or in some cases, draperies.

4. What Color is Your Front Door?

In Feng Shui the color of your front door is determined by which way your front door is facing:

  • East Facing Front Door: Green, brown, wood tones, purple, black, blue
  • Southeast Facing Front Door: Green, brown, sandy colors, wood, blue, black, light yellow
  • South Facing Front Door: Magenta, coral, pink, purple, orange, green, brown, wood tones
  • Southwest Facing Front Door: Red, clay, beige, sandy colors, light yellow, magenta, coral, pink, orange
  • West & Northwest Facing Front Doors: Gray, metallic, white, sandy colors, light yellow, beige and clay
  • North Facing Front Doors: Metallic, Blue, Gray, White, Black
  • North East Facing Front Doors: Sandy colors, clay, beige, light yellow, coral, pink, yellow, red, magenta, coral
According to Feng Shui, What Color Should Your Front Door Be
The only time you should have a black front door is if your front door faces north

5. Do You Have a Water Feature in Your Home? Is it in the Wrong Place?

  • Put a water feature in the foyer. However, make sure the water is constantly flowing
  • You can place a water feature outside
  • Ensure the outside water feature has the water flowing towards the house
  • Place it in the east part of the home for good health energy and in the southeast area for wealth and money energy
  • Do not place a water fountain in the south part of your home. The south area of a room/home is the fire energy area. Water and fire cancel each other out.
  • Absolutely no fountains in the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen or under the stairs

6. Is Your Bed in the Coffin Position?

Sounds absolutely ominous! It’s not. If the end of your bed directly aligns with the bedroom door, it’s in the coffin position.  If you want to learn more about the coffin position, you can read about it here.

7. Do You Have a Mirror in Your Bedroom?

The most probable answer is yes. There has been much written about mirrors in the bedroom and their energy-sucking aspect. You can read a detailed breakdown of what all the fuss is about here.

The basic fundamental Feng Shui rule regarding mirrors in bedrooms is that they shouldn’t be positioned directly across from the bed, If your mirror is directly across from your bed when you go to sleep at night, place a sheet or blanket over it. Or, if you think this is absolute hogwash, ignore it. Belief is everything.

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  1. Sure am glad you gave me permission to ignore certain things 🙂 I might go mad just trying to redo everything that is off in our home. That really would be bad luck! lol Still, it is a fun exercise to read through the design concerns. If I ever buy another house, they will no doubt cross my mind again when we are looking. I never liked the stairs being right inside the front door, yet ever two story house I have ever lived in, has the steps just so.

    • lol, you cracked me up when you said, ‘sure glad you gave me permission to ignore things’ – had I not been in the real estate industry and seen some of these concerns first hand I would never have believed it, lol

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