Artistic Autumn Area Rugs

Autumn Area Rugs – 5 Ideas that Make an Artistic Statement

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Bring in the Fall with a rug that reflects the season. Autumn area rugs come in endless design styles. Let’s talk about rugs that are more like art.

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Art rugs mainly feature a photograph or 3D design. They’re ideal for the bold decorator who prefers the floor covering to make a seasonal statement. Let’s discuss a few popular choices:

1. Rugs with Autumn Leaves and Trees

Bring in the Fall with a carpet that features scenic leaves and trees. The vibrant colors of Fall are best displayed in the changing colors of the trees, and thus a rug that depicts that change screams, “Autumn is here.” Yellows, oranges, reds, and browns are represented best using this theme choice.

2. Checkered Rugs in Fall Colors

Checkered rugs in colors of Fall formally announce the changing seasons. Whether it’s an outdoor rug for the porch or a rug meant for a family room or bedroom, checked designs add an overall rustic feel. Using checkered decor makes it easier to bring in additional plaid items. For example, checkered draperies, pillows, and a throw blanket can complete the look of a room without a major re-do.

3. Rugs with Pumpkin Designs

Consider a pumpkin-themed rug if you prefer a festive, light, and fun approach to the Fall season. Of course, you’ll want to narrow your choice to either a cartoonish piece or one with more of a professional pumpkin scene. A formal foyer would look lovely with a decorative rug featuring pumpkins, leaves, and other Fall colors.

4. Thanksgiving Themed Rugs

Another option is a rug featuring items relating to Thanksgiving. Bring it out as soon as Fall starts and keep it featured until the holiday is over. At that point, keep the seasonal theme going by switching it out for a winter-themed rug.

5. Orange Area Rugs – The Color of the Season

If busy scenery isn’t your style, consider a more straightforward orange-colored carpet. Orange speaks to the season and doesn’t need a picture on it to announce the fall season. How about a lovely orange rug in the foyer or a soft, cozy orange shag rug in the family to celebrate the changing season?

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