Funk’N Fun Area Rugs with Green in Them

If you’re decorating with green, including the rug you’re using to anchor the space as the main color theme in a room, you may be decorating with more intention and meaning than you thought you were…

Green, like all the colors in the color wheel, has a symbolic meaning; it represents many aspects of life such as feeling safe, freshness, growth, and believe it or not, fertility. If you’re using a darker shade of green, get ready, because it’s said to symbolize money.

An area rug is the ideal way to create sections in a larger room, or anchor and center the furniture in a smaller room.

Whether it’s the focal point or the finishing touch, you can find a green toned carpet that comes in many solid or color combinations, qualities and styles.

Here you’ll find lovely, creative green rugs; lime green, blue and green, sage green, hunter green, olive-green, green braided rugs, and fun green rugs for kids…and by the way, did you know that Emerald Green was the color of the year for 2013.

Area rugs with green in them can take on multiple shades of green and provide the decorator with a focal point to work from. Rugs that feature many colors of green in smaller shaped patterns require a room with numerous solids in complimentary colors in order to maintain balance. Of course the funky decorator may choose to go full-on patterned, kicking up the busy feel! It takes a bit of skill, but can be done. The skill comes in learning how to mix patterns and colors.

You’ll notice she explains how to train your eye to focus in one area while still having a busy collection of pattern. She discusses the scales of patterns and how to mix them together. She gives you a suggested limit when mixing patterns as well; short video, but helpful.

Back to area rugs with green in them – so you can mix and match with what works for you!

The Capri Fleur-De-Lis 3 Piece Rug Set with Green In It

Capri 3 Piece Rug Set with Green Featured In It

This Fleur-De-Lis selection offers terrific value. It’s a great choice for high traffic areas as it’s designed to be resistant to stains, fading, soil and bacteria.

If you need to tie areas in a home that are fairly close together, then you can do it with the selection of three matching rugs. Being different shapes, helps to isolate them within their dedicated space and still provide enough of a contrast without being too matchy-matchy.

For a Casual Comfy Cottage Feel but Still a Little Funky, Try this Fun Multi-Colored Area Rug with Green In It!

Cotton Fabric Colorful Braided Rug Runner 2ft. x 12ft. Featuring Oval Forest Green Cottage Carpet

How much fun is this braided rug! Just because you’re looking for area rugs with green in them doesn’t mean you have to choose one with a lot of green. If the room you’re looking to decorate features any number of these colors, as well as green then you can easily add this rug to your design. The best part about a selection like this is your ability to introduce additional accessories in the many color choices featured in this braided area rug. Put a braided rug in an office, den, living room, under a table, or on the porch. If a room has a country or relaxed theme, then this rug is a lovely choice.

How About Gaming Area Rugs with Green In Them? For a Playroom or Child’s Bedroom

fun kids sports area rug with green in it

Green Kids Sports Rug

Momeni Lil Mo Whimsy Green Grass Rug for Kids or Gaming Room
A sports related whimsical rug is perfect for a den, office, playroom for child’s bedroom. It comes in many sizes and is designed to be durable.

It can be used to anchor the space, however because it has such lovely designs on the edging, you may want to try it in spot where it won’t be covered by furnishings.

Perhaps at the end of bed, or in front of small couch or chair – or even in the corner near the toy box as a play space for the kids.

Not All Funk Involves Crazy Patterns, Sometimes a Solid Bright Colored Rug, Like this Popping Lime Green Area Rug will Do the Trick!

Super Area Rugs-Cozy Collection-Lime Green Shag Rug, 5 feet by 8 feet.

This modern contemporary Lime green area rug is a respectable size so as to cover a good section of floor area. The pile on this rug is approximately 1/4 inches. As seen above, the dark flooring with the light furnishings really cause this color of Lime to pop. Lime is a funny color, because it has a faded but slightly bright look to it, it can overwhelm a space, so using it with light-colored furniture where the floor is also light in color can cause the room to appear washed out. However, you could get away with this, if you use darker shades when accessorizing the space.

In Case You Haven’t Found the Perfect Area Rugs with Green in Them, Here’s More Funkiness for You:

Dandelion Area Rug by InLightImageryHomeDandelion Area Rug by InLightImageryHomeModern Green Turquoise Area Rug by CrashpaddesignsModern Green Turquoise Area Rug by CrashpaddesignsGreen and Blue Race Track Rug by EKayGGreen and Blue Race Track Rug by EKayGSpring Summer Scene Rug by Designer DinerSpring Summer Scene Rug by Designer DinerGreen Chevron Area Rug byHawkerPeddlerGreen Chevron Area Rug byHawkerPeddlerStriped Modern Area Rug by CrashpaddesignsStriped Modern Area Rug by Crashpaddesigns

Rugs with Green in them on eBay:

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Traditional Oriental Medallion Area Rug Persian Style Carpet Runner Mat AllSizes

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  1. sylvestermouse says:

    Area rugs really are beautiful accent “pieces” for a room, especially a large room. Green seems to be a perfect color to blend well with just about anything too. You have featured some really lovely selections.

    • funkthishouse says:

      Thanks Cynthia, area rugs have a special place in my heart with home decor, they can really soften a room and combine that with the meaning of the color green, green area rugs work

  2. I think more and more people are using area rugs these days in homes where they have wood floors or a room with tile. I know my brother had an older home that had the living room & dining room with wall-to-wall carpeting and when they began a remodeling update they took up all the carpet and discovered beautiful wood floors underneath. Instead of installing new wall-to-wall carpeting, they refinished the wood floor and went with area rugs. I once had a lovely braided rug (my favorite) in a family room that had tile flooring.

    • funkthishouse says:

      Pat, to discover gorgeous hardwood under carpeting is a huge find indeed. That alone will add value to their house. Very smart that they enhanced the floors with area carpet. I’m with you, just love those braided rugs, especially with country furnishings and warm comfy accents.

  3. dianawenzel says:

    The right rug sure makes a house a home, or a room an oasis of comfort. I really like the quilted looking braid rug.

    • funkthishouse says:

      Diana, thank you, we used to have a braided rug, I should have kept it! I love that we can order rugs online and have them delivered too nowadays if we want

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