Rugs to Go With a Green Couch

Area Rug that Goes with a Green Couch

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Choosing an area rug with a green couch depends on several factors. First, you’ll want to establish which shade of green your sofa matches on the color wheel. Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be exact. Look at the color wheel below and determine which shade of green your couch falls within as close as you can.

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To help you decide on an area rug that goes with a green couch, here’s a summary of color harmonies.

Find the color of your green couch on this color chart, then read the ideas below on ways to choose a rug for your sofa.

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are colors opposite each other on the color wheel. Look at the above color wheel, find the closest shade of green that matches your couch, and draw a straight line across the wheel. That color would represent your couch’s complementary color.

So when you pick a rug, you could choose one with this complementary color shade or some of your couch’s green tint.

Triad Colors

On the above color wheel, create an evenly spaced triangle starting with the shade of green closest to your couch. Each point where that triangle land represents a color to use in your decor with that green.

This is particularly useful when you want a rug with three colors. As an example:

Greens, Orange/Red, Purple/Blue: Determine the shading for each color according to your couch’s actual green color. Don’t worry about being exact. Draw your lines, so each part of the triangle starts from your green color.

Rectangle/Tetradic Color Scheme

This color scheme uses four colors. Essentially it’s two groups of complementary colors, totaling four colors.

Start with your couches shade of green on the color wheel, and draw a line to its complementary color across the wheel. Next, move over right or left on the wheel and select your next color. Then draw a line directly across the wheel from that color to find the complementary color. Remember to keep the shape rectangular. Now you have four colors to focus on in your design.

In this case, you could select an area rug with four colors.

Square Color Scheme

Draw a perfect square, starting from your couch’s color, and those four colors could also be an option for your decor scheme.

Split Complementary Color Scheme

This color scheme uses two colors directly beside the primary color’s complementary hue. Find your couch’s shade of green on the color wheel, draw a line directly to the other side to find its complementary color, then move over an even distance to a color/shade on each side of that point. Those two colors become the split colors you can use in your decor.

An example: Look at the above wheel, find the middle of the green colors, and draw a line to its complement on the other side. The colors next to each side would be your split colors – Bluish purple and reddish pink.

Analogous Color Scheme

This color scheme uses colors next to each other on the wheel. In this case, greens, yellows, and blues. Choose a dominating color, then one that’s not as dominant, and the third as support.

For example, in the case of a rug choice with your green couch, you could choose a carpet with two colors, yellows, and blues, with a splash of green, but let one of the colors be more prominent.

Choose a Solid Colored Area Rug Based on Any One of the Above Color Schemes

If patterned rugs are out of the question, use one of the color schemes above to select the color you’d prefer your carpet to be. That solid color could still be one of the colors in your entire decor scheme for that room, with the other colors featured in drapes and accessories.

Here Are Some Patterned and Solid Rugs Aligning with a Green Couch, Based Upon The Above Suggestions.

Remember, your choice will have to be based on the shade of green your actual couch happens to be.

Area rug that goes with a green couch:

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