Can I Put a Rug Over Carpet

Can I Put An Area Rug Over Carpet❓❓

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Although Not a Popular Trend, There Are Several Reasons To Put An Area Rug Over Carpet

Although not generally a design choice, many people have valid reasons to add an Area Rug over their wall-to-wall broadloom.

A Solution for Tenants

For those renting an apartment with tired or dull carpeting, strategically selected and positioned area rugs are a way to change the look and feel of their space when replacing the current flooring isn’t permitted.

The best part is taking your area rug with you when you leave. But, unfortunately, when you go the route of putting a new wall-to-wall broadloom in an apartment (assuming you’re allowed), you can’t take it with you.

To Further Enhance Noise Reduction

Suppose a room in your apartment or home sits above a noisier location, and you find that the thin wall-to-wall broadloom isn’t doing the trick in reducing the noise. In that case, adding a dense area rug over your existing carpeting becomes a practical solution.

The reverse may also be true: If your room is rather noisy with kids running around, then an area rug may be something the people in the space below appreciate.

To Add Warmth to a Cool Space

If you find a room quite cold in actual temperature or overall decor mood, adding a rug-over rug can add visual and practical warmth to your space. A finished basement is a perfect example of a colder area. Remember, visually warming a room involves adding more texture; throw blankets, pillows, lush colored drapes, wall coverings, and carpet-over-carpet.

Things To Remember When Choosing Your Area Rug

The most unattractive part of an area rug over broadloom is that it can buckle up, look messy, and present a tripping hazard.

To avoid this, you’re best to choose heavier area rugs. As a personal example, before we had hardwood in our home, we had placed our nine by 12ft Persian Area Rug (very heavy) over our broadloom. It looked warm and cozy and never buckled. Of course, it doesn’t mean you’ll prevent every potential tripping incident, but at least you reduce the chances.

You can use carpet grippers to keep a lighter rug in place, but I’ve tried them on a carpet we have on a floor, and they didn’t work very well. So if you can afford a more substantial rug, that’s the route I would go.

What Style and Color of Area Rug Should You Choose?

Reverse the depth of the wall-to-wall carpeting. For example, if your broadloom is deep and lush, choose an area rug that’s not as thick. If your broadloom is thin, feature a plush area rug.

If your wall-to-wall carpeting is bland and neutral, you’ll have some wiggle room with your area rug’s color and design. First, tie your area rug into your existing decor theme.

Also, with dull low-pile wall-to-wall carpeting, you can go for differently shaped area rugs: round, oval, or even one shaped like an object. Just be sure it works with your furnishings.

You can also define spaces with an area rug, so be sure you understand the purpose of your carpet.

Typically the rule is this; if you’re looking to use a traditional square or rectangular area rug in a sitting area, the area rug should be touched by the seating surrounding it. Just a little bit of the leg of the furniture is fine. You don’t have to cover your entire area rug with your furniture. In fact, why would you? After all, you want to be able to see it.

You can use an area rug to define other parts of an open-concept room, perhaps a reading area, play area, office area, or sitting area.

In summary, go ahead and do it – if you want or need to put an area rug over carpeting.

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9 thoughts on “Can I Put An Area Rug Over Carpet❓❓”

  1. An interesting way to solve a problem. I have wall-to-wall carpet in the apartment I rent, including in the dining area and I’ve been considering getting a rectangle area rug to put under the table to help protect the apartments’ rug from any spills and dropped crumbs.

    • Pat, I say go for it – as I mentioned in the article, we had a heavy area rug over rug for a number of years before we removed the wall to wall broadloom, it is was wonderful for hiding some of the ugliness on that carpet. Plus it added depth and warmth. Matching is the biggest thing in my opinion and in the case of putting it under a table I would make sure when the chairs are pulled out they sit on the area rug too

  2. Area rugs are an absolute must for me! Personally, I need the warm spots since I have hardwood floors, but even in previous homes that had carpeting, I used area rugs.

    • Cynthia, we’re a little bit similar in that area then, I’ve had area rugs for over 25 years and yep, over carpet as well lol 🙂

  3. Just putting an area rug in the middle of the room would cut way down on the wear and tear of the heavy traffic areas too.


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