Affordable Bedroom Storage Ideas

5 Affordable Bedroom Storage Ideas When There Just Isn’t Enough Space!

Bed Skirt Storage Unit
Bed Skirt Organizer

Are You Running Out of Places to Put Your Stuff in Your Own Bedroom?

Finding a place to put all of our stuff seems to be an ongoing, almost never ending battle, and when we’re not willing to spend bigger bucks on furniture, there is another way; affordable funky storage systems.

I’m not going to blow smoke up your butt and tell you that these 5 affordable bedroom storage ideas will forever end your clutter … instead I’m here to remind you that approaching your storage problem without spending a fortune is a wise and practical choice!

Why? Because guess what, even if you implement all five of these ideas, as you grow older and continue to accumulate more stuff, you’ll need to re-organize and solve this problem over and over. Best of all, these are items that can be transferred from room to room for alternate uses.

So Why These Five Items for Storage Solutions?

First and most importantly, each item is inexpensive, making it easy for you to double up on them when you needed.

Secondly, they can be placed in parts of the bedroom where they don’t have to be seen, or if they can be seen, they’re pleasing to the eye and can blend nicely as a funky bedroom accessory.

Lastly, should you eventually redecorate and decide your space no longer needs these items, you can pass them down to others in the family, perhaps the kids or the young adult heading off to college.

The Funky Five Affordable Bedroom Storage Ideas

1. An Ottoman Storage Bench

Storage Bench for Shoes or Other itemsStorage Bench for Shoes or Other items
An Ottoman Bench can be placed in any part of the room; at the foot of the bed, under a window, or even in the closet if the closet is large enough. It serves a dual purpose as well by providing another place to sit if needed, especially when you’re putting on socks.

You can use them for just about anything; clothes, photo albums, linens, extra blankets, books and more. Also, it’s something you can keep for years and years no matter how many times you change your decor. When it’s outlasted it’s use in one room, simply move it to another room … or if you get totally sick of it, use in a closet as a convenient storage unit.

2. Under The Bed Storage Containers

If you have one or more of these, you’ll have them for years.

They don’t have to be used just for clothing or shoes either; use them for wrapping paper storage, books, keepsakes & cards, crafting supplies, projects, linens, or as a large sock drawer.

Double check the height of the one you choose, as they can vary, then measure the distance of space from the mattress to the floor, then choose one that fits.

By the way, you can even get under the bed storage containers designed for shoes, giving you a great place to store seasonal footwear, or all of them!

3. Bed Skirt or Bedside Caddy Organizer

As you can see in the top featured photo, these are very cool.

The Bed Skirt Organizer and Bedside Caddy fit between the mattress and box spring and, depending upon which one you choose, have multiple storage compartments for everyday items; laptops, books, notepads, your phone, tissue, remote controls, games, journals, pens, and any other sundry item you would MyGift French Country Design Rustic Turquoise 4 Drawer Wooden Storage Cabinet/Jewelry Organizer ChestMyGift French Country Design Rustic Turquoise 4 Drawer Wooden Storage Cabinet/Jewelry Organizer Chesttypically put on top of an end table or in a drawer.

The bed skirt organizer is particularly useful as it covers the length of the bed. If seeing the clutter in the bed skirt storage bugs you, simply make sure the bed comforter you’re using covers the entire skirt area. However if you have an existing bed skirt on the bed, you can put this skirt under the existing skirt so that it’s hidden.

4. Over The Door Storage Units

Using the back of the closet, bedroom or bathroom door provides additional vertical storage. Check out the variety of design styles to choose from.

Some are actual storage holders, others are rings to hang scarves, ties, clothes, jewelry, shoes, sundries, and more. This is an inexpensive way to add storage to just about every closet.

5. Dresser Top Organizers

This is both a decorative and practical way to create additional storage in the bedroom.

You’ll find many dresser top organizers┬áto choose from including Make-Up Organizers, jewelry and gadget organizers and others like the drawer cubby featured here.

Again, these are ideal for dorms, or bedrooms where space is at a premium, and going vertical is essential.

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