The Handy Multi Purpose Function of Narrow Storage Drawers

Having raised many children, practical storage ideas were a key factor to staying organized in our home.

Where most people would prefer a toy box specifically painted or decorated with a child theme, I opted for storage items that could easily grow as the kids grew.

These narrow storage drawers, typically used for small toy pieces such as Legos or small figurines, are a perfect example of an organizational item that can be reused for other purposes.

Although my kids are long passed the Lego stage, I still have a number of storage bins very similar to this one that I’m using for many other purposes.

Using the Storage Drawers During the Little Kid Stage

During the ‘little kid stage’ these were ideal for keeping smaller toys sorted. My sons were very big into army men toys and much so, that we needed multiple drawers to separate and organize all of them. The boys always enjoyed having their toys sorted, in fact, we used to have organizing days where we would get together and go through all their toys. They loved it.

Additional Uses for Narrow Plastic Storage Bins:

  • These bins are also ideal for coloring books and crayons. I still have a bin like this in my office with numerous art, crayon and other supplies in it. Although the boys eventually out grew the army men stage, we always had a need for coloring and art supplies, thus these storage drawers came in very handy.
  • If you live in a seasonal climate, you can also use these to store mittens, hats, gloves, scarves – Our bins fit nicely into the closet, that way I was able to get an instant closet organizer. There’s one in our front hall closet right now.
  • You can also put this in a bedroom closet and use it to store smaller personal clothing items. Of course us women have numerous personal items that are much better sorted: Undergarments, nylons/stockings, socks, cami’s, jammies, and many more.
  • It also makes a great addition to a washroom (if you have the space) to sort supplies – If it’s a house of girls, use it for makeup, otherwise you can use it for small hand towels, clothes, soap, blow dryers, flat irons, toothpaste, and other toiletries.

Well you get the drift…it’s a great purchase because with a little care, it can literally, last a lifetime.

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